Celtech.com T21D Improvements

Caroline Bennitt Uncategorized

Celtech.com has unveiled its modernized T21D turboprop test stand this week at the P3 ISOC in Marietta and the C130 TCG/ITPR in Orlando. In November, our modernized T21 will get further market play at the T56 CIP/MPWG conference in Indianapolis. “The T21D has not seen significant review and improvement in many years. Celtech, with Atec engineering, began a thorough review of the T21 a year ago”, said Mike Rigdon, VP.

“Our update efforts have included structural review with FEA analysis of new, more powerful T56 and AE2100 engine loads; advanced propeller considerations; drawings and documentation checks; field set-up; operation and maintenance observations; user feedback gathering; logistics & transport evaluations; obsolescence reviews; and engineering interchange meetings,”  continued Rigdon.

ADAQ™ has now been approved for control system use in the T21D cab by the USAF. Obsolete analog gauges were found broken and we replaced them with our COTS digital virtual gauges and controls. Featuring Atec’s Servo Glide Throttle™, engine run control is greatly refined. Data collection, remote communications and trending are all facilitated. “Celtech’s T21 is the only ‘prop-on’ test system offering the UTAS EPCS™, along with our Prop Feather Actuator, Vibe Monitor, and Synchrophaser”, stated Brian Durbin, VP. The Control Cab is refreshed and an optional skidded large Cab is available. Noise control and air conditioning are much better. Fuel pump and controls have been upgraded. The stand work platform has been strengthened, in response to field feedback and the hoist and boom mechanism enhanced. Gusseted and squared framing is also being studied. Best of all, the T21D is now set for regular continuous improvement reviews as part of our ISO9001/AS9100C quality process.

Celtech and Atec focus relentlessly on technological refreshment of the systems and end items we provide. As recurring maintenance, repairs, overhauls and reworks are undertaken to sustain the operational availability of existing equipment, proven newer technology is often utilized where form, fit, function and interface can meet the latest approved configuration, and/or where obsolescence, unavailability or emergency dictates.

For new T21 purchases, we will always alert our customers to their options regarding technology, cost reducing configurations, spares, training, documentations, lifecycle, ecology, safety and operations.

Heavy fabrication of the T21D is performed on Celtech’s 10 acre campus at the Carlsbad, New Mexico airport. Celtech has overhead cranes, welding, metal bending, laser cutting, CNC machines, 2 large paint booths and a modern, large scale grit blast area on site. Workload is increasing and Celtech is hiring. A new ERP data system is well into implementation.

Celtech is busy with T21 work for Atec under its USAF Test Stands Repairs IDIQ contract. Additionally, two new builds are underway for Pacific Rim customers, and many other T21D procurements are near award. Our field teams are expert in installation, commissioning and repairs. “Celtech and Atec continue to push forward together, modernizing Celtech’s test stand products”, added Mike Patterson, VP. A full description can be seen at our www.celtech.com website. Contact Celtech Sales or Contracts for more information – [email protected] or 575.877.2044.