Celtech Passes 2015 DCMA Safety and ISO 9001 Audits

Caroline Bennitt Uncategorized

Carlsbad, NM – Celtech passes DCMA Safety Audit and ISO 9001 Recertification Audit.

DCMA Safety Auditors notified Celtech back in February that they were going to schedule a time to review Celtech Corp. Safety Practices. On March 6th, two Auditors arrived to audit a specific contract Celtech was working on for repairing Speed Gear Assemblies, but the scope of the audit was expanded when the auditors were informed of Celtech’s work repairing T20 & T21 test stands in support of the USAF, and repairs, refurbishments and new builds for FMS/allied customers. Celtech is the world’s largest intermediate test stand provider, and has been busy working with its parent company, Atec to support equipment repairs.

The DMCA safety audit consisted of three sections:

  • Contract documentation
  • OSHA requirements
  • Proof of Celtech Safety and Procedure compliance-Consisting of federal, state, and internal processes and procedures

Documentation was provided to the DCMA auditors, including Celtech’s Off Site Environmental Safety and Health Plan. Requests for additional items were met and complied, resulting in “no findings, comments or corrective actions required.” Celtech does not anticipate another audit for at least two years.
Celtech’s annual ISO Recertification Audit was conducted in mid-June 2015, with no major deficiencies or corrective actions required.

“The DCMA safety audit and ISO recertification has helped to prepare Celtech for incoming work, with production at a 10 year high,” said Robert Steinkamp, Quality Manager.

“Celtech has made numerous advances since September 2013, when we joined the Atec family of companies. New production equipment, factory wide updates, product modernizations, ERP operating software, and a growing employee team are now here to address our busy workload,” said Mike Rigdon, VP.