T56 Test Stands for Indonesia

Caroline Bennitt Uncategorized

Celtech has announced that the 1st phase of a contract to upgrade T56 engine testing for the Indonesian Air Force’s C130 fleet has been successfully completed. A new T21D “prop-on” test stand has been delivered and commissioned. The new stand offers many structural and operating improvements from Celtech and Atec’s active engineering review program begun in early 2014. Indonesia’s new T21D comes with an upgraded hoist, upgraded fuel pump and ADAQ control system.

An older T21 has now been shipped from Indonesia to Celtech’s factory for complete refurbishment. Factory refurb can save customers 40-20% versus replacement. During refurb, the unit will be brought to full T21D configuration with many improvements. The refurbished stand will have corrosion abatement and painted for long field service. The phased program kept the Indonesian Air Force in test operation at all times for the continuous maintenance of their C130 fleet. The refurbed T21D should be recommissioned in mid-2016. Celtech consults carefully with customers to match their test assets to their needs and delivery schedules, and we can help users keep operating as we upgrade their testing systems. Inquiries and orders related to T56 engine testing for C130 aircraft are very active. Engineering revisions for T21D refreshment continue to meet T56 3.0, 3.5, and J (AE2100) requirements using 4, 6 and 8 blade props with traditional and EPCS controls.