C eltech Corporation was founded in 1976 to engage in systems design, manufacture, and integration for domestic and foreign military customers. As time progressed, emphasis on jet and turboprop engine testing began to dominate activities, and the company was awarded a contract in 1988 to deliver 104 engine test stands to the U.S. Air Force.  These test stands consisted of a fuel trailer, computerized control system in a cab, and a thrust/run-up trailer for intermediate level testing of the engine out of the aircraft on the tarmac or in the hush house. Celtech Google EarthThe company designed and manufactured many of the components including microprocessor-based instrumentation, but acquired the large fabricated items from Space Corp. of Garland, Texas, a then 50-year-old, renowned supplier to the aerospace industry.

Celtech relocated from Celeste, Texas to Carlsbad, New Mexico, in 1989, and in 1997 acquired the assets and ongoing business of Space Corp. Other well-known companies have contributed to Celtech’s pedigree in jet engine test stands, enclosures and support equipment. Located in the oilpatch and mining hub of Carlsbad, NM, Celtech also performs regular manufacturing and servicing tasks for industrial customers.

Celtech Corporation’s 75,000 square feet of facilities, comprised of 12 buildings, is located in Carlsbad, NM adjacent to the airport. This 10-acre campus accommodates heavy fabrication of jet engine fixed and mobile test stands, as well as electronic systems integration and repair, performed by a staff of more than thirty qualified personnel. Celtech is certified to ISO 9001:2015.  Safety and Quality come first at Celtech, and we demonstrate our environmental concern through compliance to ISO 14001.  Low cost is emphasized at Celtech.

Now involving over 100 engineers, Celtech, Atec, Vital Link, Vital Link Europe and Hager Machine & Tool are upgrading products and pursuing larger aerospace and energy challenges. No support project is too large for our combined resources. We invite you to also visit atec.com, vitallinkinc.com and hagermachine.com for more information.

On September 1, 2013 Atec, Inc., the nation’s oldest aeroengine test cell and support firm, purchased Celtech Corp. as a wholly-owned subsidiary. As part of Atec, we offer a combined 200 years of corporate history and are growing and gaining recognition. Atec was designated 2016 NASA National Subcontractor of the Year, SBA Region VI Subcontractor for 2017 and a DCMA Top Supplier in 2018. Celtech’s turbine engine test stands experience is the world’s best, and is our focus.

  • Founded 1976; Incorporated 1983; Acquired September 2013
  • Cage Codes – 65552, 04984 & 54932
  • DUNS #021623657
  • DoDAAC – EZ5575
  • 50 employees – Carlsbad, NM USA 88220
  • Campus: 10 acres, 12 buildings; 100,000 sq. ft.
Celtech Corporation is the largest supplier of A/M37T-20C and A/M37T-21D jet engine and turboprop test stands for the USAF, ANG and FMS. The US Navy and Army have been longtime customers for A/E37T-24 and A/E37T-33 turboshaft test stands, and other support gear.  Celtech complements its control cabs with leading edge engine diagnostic and data collection software (ENDAS II, EDACS & ADAQ) for the US Military and its Allies, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, UTAS, Honeywell and other OEMs.   Celtech also provides noise suppressors, pressure and temperature test datum sets, air start units, preservation oil & fuel systems, related ground support engine test equipment, dress gear accessories, and surplus items.

Celtech A/M37T-20C and A/M37T-21D test stands are the preferred choice of the United States Air Force for testing all series of turbojet, turboprop, and turboshaft engines. Celtech prides itself on producing reliable, high quality products used worldwide to perform post maintenance testing after repairs. Our installations and service teams travel worldwide.  Some of the everyday activities include: welding, machining, assembly, laser cutting, sheet metal bending/forming/cutting, materials handling/crating/shipping, electrical installation, purchasing, labeling/engraving, inspection, troubleshooting, drafting, phone assistance, field installation and repair. 

Administration at Celtech includes full Quality Assurance, Accounting, Contract Administration, Document Control, Quotations, Human Resources and Maintenance.  Celtech has forty years of experience in its corporate operations, and is working hard to align with Atec.  We are now implementing a state of the art ERP IT system to better operate our business and service our customers. Celtech is in constant communication with end users, and ensures new systems are designed and manufactured for compatibility to fielded assets as well as to the latest standards, configurations, and requirements.  All Celtech customers are assured aftermarket support in spare parts and service, offering phone support, evaluations, repairs, quotes and service contracts to ensure your equipment is maintained properly and working with your technical staff to answer any questions.   Our new affiliation with Atec greatly increases our expertise and technical support resources. Vital Link’s recent involvement add incredible super heavy fab and field service capabilities. We provide thorough checklists, specialty tools and an electronic remote participation network to address customer field tasks.

Celtech has large overhead cranes for handling large weldments.  Two large paint booths and a large scale outdoor sand blasting facility are on site.  Celtech has the facilities to accommodate full systems fabrication.  We host the T20/21 Surplus Boneyard with engine run/test site for the USAF at Carlsbad Airfield.

Celtech-Machining-Small Production Capabilities
  • Precision Mechanical Buildup
  • Electronics Soldering and Assembly
  • Machining & Laser Cutting
  • Painting & Sandblasting
  • Repairs & Obsolescence Sourcing
  • Engineering & CAD
  • Full Integrations
  • Packing, Shipping & Logistics
  • Form, Fit, Function, Familiarity and Interface Compatibility
DSCN0321 People Who Make Up Celtech
  • Mechanical Assembly & Production
  • Electronic Assembly & Repair
  • Welding, Machining & Bending of Metals
  • Human Resources
  • Contract Administration
  • Document Control & Configuration
  • Technical & Field Service
  • Installation & Field Services
  • Purchasing & Expediting
  • Quality Assurance & Inspection
  • Shipping/Receiving/Materials/Stockroom
Laser-overview Assets
  • 12 buildings/70K sq ft/10 acre Facility
  • CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, CNC Laser Cutter, Manual Mills, Manual Lathe, Bending Brakes, Welding Machines
  • Cranes, Lifts, Work Platforms, Scaffolding
  • 2 Large Paint Booths
  • Large Scale Outdoor Sandblast Facility
  • Large Scale Pull Test Superstructures
  • Electronic Diagnostic/Repair Instruments
  • Laser Engraver & ID Labelers
  • Work Tables, Stands, Tooling, Hand Tools
  • CAD Software
  • Trucks & Forklifts
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