L ocated in Carlsbad, New Mexico, Celtech has customers from the active oil patch and mining industries. We have been involved with rocket control systems through rigsite fabrications. Many of our employees have experience with local potash mines and oil fields. Atec has broad energy and industrial experience in engineering and manufacturing, and now Hager Machine & Tool joins our corporate family with 40 years of experience in oilpatch, hydraulic, airtool, petrochem and electrical industry machining, both in Houston. The addition of Vital Link to our corporate family expands our fabrication and field service expertise.

Celtech has extensive resources and experience to undertake industrial projects or simple manufacturing tasks. Precision parts machining, heavy fabrication, engraving, welding, tanks and piping, skidding, equipment repair, painting, sandblasting, electronics assembly, equipment/control cabins, obsolescence/legacy sustainment, design engineering, procurement and field service/construction are all available from Celtech.

Our heavy involvement in military engine test & support is truly unique, especially from the oilpatch and mining region of the Permian Basin. We work diligently to keep our USAF, USN and Allied planes in the sky! Yet, Celtech and its corporate family have extensive experience in industrial work, and we welcome your inquiries. Call us and we’ll come running!