C eltech’s Data Acquisition & Control Systems are designed and automated to facilitate testing of turbofan and turboshaft engine types.  It is flexible and can be configured to support a wide variety of aircraft engines. ENDAS first entered the test stand control arena in 1998.  ENDAS II came on the scene in 2007, for T20C turbojet applications.  Our famous ENDAS system in use at nearly 200 locations worldwide has now been upgraded to ENDAS II and EDACS.  

We service what we sell.  Sometimes we are able to troubleshoot and repair old sensors, boards, connectors and components.  We have documentation going back over 50 years.  We have access to crucial surplus or archived items.  Celtech is glad to review your legacy equipment issues.  Even if new items are required, Celtech is your best bet to keep your back-in-service or update costs low.  Celtech continues to support older installations of ENDAS & ENDAS II.  Over the years we have repaired electronic and data systems from many providers, and are regularly assisting with Page Avjet and Space Corp. systems. Throttles and panels for Shaw & Estes, PCT, Control X and Boat-type are also addressed. Call for more information.