IMG_0669 T he Celtech A/M37T-20C Jet Engine Stand is the preferred choice of the United States Air Force for testing all series of the F100, F101, F110, F119, F124, F125, F404, F414, J79, J85, TF30, TF33, TF34, TFE731 turbojet engines.  Celtech has now installed the first T20 intermediate test cells for low cost testing of F404/414 engines. Celtech prides itself on producing a reliable, high quality product used worldwide to perform post maintenance and repair tests. Product modernization reviews are ongoing. A thorough review of the T-20C with application to USAF has advanced many new improvements, while preserving compatibility and configuration. Throttle refreshment has improved control and reliability. Combined with latest EDACS™ and ADAQ™ versions, automated runs can now be offered. All FADECs, DEECs, ECUs and legacy engine controls are properly interfaced. Technology refreshment for recurring maintenance needs, involving obsolescence and unavailability of older assemblies and components, also offers incremental modernization that is compatible with military form, fit, function and interface requirements. For indoor T-20 installations, the combined Celtech, Vital Link and Atec team is uniquely qualified to properly integrate hush house and test system solutions to US military configurations worldwide.

We offer service contracts to ensure your equipment is maintained properly and will work with your technical staff to answer any questions and provide technical support.  High thrust users can benefit from combined Celtech and Atec upgrades.


Thrust Stand Assembly The mobile thrust stand with trailer provides a secure mounting base with a 48-inch rail system compatible with U.S. Air Force rail transfer equipment. The stand assembly includes 4 support jacks that are used during test and provides a mounting point for the fuel valve. The trailer comes equipped with removable axles, with steering and running gear.   Dual working load cells can be provided with provision for calibration load cell. Atec’s AMETS50 high thrust stand can be provided for critical applications, or where older stands are found to be fatigued or otherwise unrepairable during operational sustainment activities.

Control Cab Control-CabThe climate-controlled, mobile control cab now hosts the ENDAS II™, EDACS™, and ADAQ™ control and data acquisition systems. A larger control cab is available as an option. USAF standard ENDAS II™ has been upgraded and is still supported. EDACS™ is Celtech’s modern distributive system in service worldwide mostly for GE engine users. ADAQ™ is a modern LabView™ based system by Atec.

Fuel System Fuel-System-AM37T-20CThe mobile fuel system contains all components needed for engine testing, including pump, filter, and flow meter. The fuel system adheres to MS design and safety standards and is compatible with Air Force hardware. The standard fuel trailer capacity is 2500 gallons; options available. The backflow regulation system improves flow and stability at high flow rates.  Ground mounted fuel pallets are also available for large capacity, lesser portability applications.  

Ancillary Equipment The start cart and generator set are Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) needed to test engines. Celtech sources accessories and it can provide these as options.  Users with large engine test volumes or otherwise preferring a cool air alternative to -60 cart air supply, can now purchase for Celtech systems Atec’s modular CASP air supply unit.

Test Adapter Kit In addition to the items listed above, an engine specific test stand adapter kit is required. Test stand adapter kits include such items as dress equipment, cables, hoses, optionals, etc. Celtech provides test stand adapter kits for a wide variety of engines. An approved Calibration Kit is also available. Celtech will work with you to define your unique jet engine test component requirements.

Reliable & Accurate

  • ENDAS II, EDACS & ADAQ™ controls & software options
  • State-of-the-art Control Cab options
  • Modern power/source distribution
  • Enhanced noise & climate control (A/C)
  • Fuel module tank meets military requirements
  • Pump and valves controlled via control cab
  • Flexible cabling to engine, adaptable to different engines and test stand architectures
  • Smart J-Box supports Mil 1553 and popular interfaces
  • Thrust Stand, fuel trailer, control cab and accessories container are designed for easy transport and set up